How A Solicitor Can Assist In a Case Of Cosmetic Surgery Gone Wrong

Self-image plays an important role in boosting self-confidence. This is why plastic surgery uptake continues to rise yearly. Given the higher demand for plastic surgery it is possible for the plastic surgeons available in West Midlands to become overwhelmed. This may then result to malpractice, negligence and the rise of unqualified and uncertified plastic surgeons that may put your life at risk. But what should you do in the case of botched surgeries or when you get hurt as a result of the procedure?

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Duty of care

Plastic surgeons like all other medical practitioners owe all their clients a duty of care. This means that they should do all they reasonably can to ensure that your health is not affected negatively by the procedures. In the case that the procedure was not performed well and injuries, negative side effects and pain can be a result of negligence, you may claim compensation from the practitioners. However, remember that if the procedure is performed well but you are not satisfied with the results, this may not amount to negligence which means you cannot be compensated for it. Procedures such as breast implants that can be reversed if the results were not satisfactory can be repeated if they do not put your health at risk.

Cosmetic surgery solicitors in west midlands

The first step in claiming compensation is to identify a solicitor who specialises in cosmetic surgery to lead your case. The solicitor may also specialise in a specific procedure such as rhinoplasty or breast cosmetic surgery. Remember that the more specialised your solicitor, the higher the likelihood of attaining your goals. The solicitor will then go through the details of your case and identify where the surgeon may have gone wrong. This will then help in building up your case and will determine the level of compensation sought. This stage is crucial since the lawyer will help you in collecting important pieces of evidence and testimonies that come in handy when the case is taken to court.

Internal negotiations

Court cases are not only expensive but they are also time consuming. If it is possible to resolve the case away from the courts, the better for you. Your solicitor will try to negotiate for compensation with the surgeon's lawyers. Many cosmetic surgeons tend to avoid the negative limelight that comes from court cases for botched procedures and therefore they will be more than willing to try to settle the case without involving the courts. The trick is to ensure that your claims are reasonable. However, since the surgeon will always have a counter offer, you can start on the higher side

Court cases

If the negotiations do not go as planned, it is time to take the case to the court. The solicitor will help you in filing all the paper work and in observing guidelines concerning the timeline for filing such cases. They will also ensure that your evidence is presented in a logical manner to facilitate a favourable judgement. Remember that the lawyer has dealt with such cases before and is therefore aware of the strategies that could work and those that won't. it is therefore essential to give them space, listen to their advice and allow them to work their magic.